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  1. 157.2 db's anyone?
  2. trying out video of flex
  3. 2015 Updates!
  4. Icons on the nendo @.5ohme
  5. Sealed Enclosure Windshield Flex from $300 budget Kenwood System
  6. Jammin Decaf's New Zip on my Sundown X-12/Shark Audio SHKAMP-2500D
  7. Burke's SQish demo
  8. Beard trick, hair tricks and roof rape
  9. My first hair trick, 3-15s, NS-1
  10. Epic trolling
  11. some footage from the show yesterday
  12. 8 15s On Over 20k
  13. Some Dynamite Enclosures By Magic Box Audio
  14. SBN 2013 Footage?
  15. Slow motion flex
  16. Cadence 8" subs
  17. 155.7 DB on music
  18. 147db music
  19. Test results 600 watt subs
  20. This guy f*ucked up!
  21. As is System walkthough
  22. Hurricane Isaac Bass
  23. Twisted's Texas Heat Wave 2012 Vids and Pics!
  24. 18" ssa xcon
  25. 2 10" DC Audio Level 3s! Bass! Flex! 147.5db
  26. Got FLEX video HD!!
  27. Single IAD 12" doing a 150+DB
  28. Shirt trick
  29. 12 10s little vid
  30. Epic Sundown Truck video!
  31. Craziness RE Audio MT10's
  32. Burke can has hair trick?
  33. Imperium Audio Designs 15" on a Planet Audio 2.4k
  34. Couple Quick Videos of the new build!!
  35. Twisted's Scrapin The Coast 2012 Footage
  36. low power 4th
  37. I.A.D. Proto 12" on a Crescendo BC2k
  38. 4 titanium 15's putting work
  39. first daytime hairtrick vid
  40. Vid for dumpy and 666WMD
  41. cheerleader car wash = bass scare lol
  42. Cops get a demo of 12 15's + Twisted gets Tased!
  43. Got to love it;)
  44. rear windshield flex. trunk wall
  45. My 152.4 run
  46. How to embed videos
  47. bravox edx 12" vid, the outcome. flexin n sub porn.
  48. pwk doing 153.9 with 3 sa 12's
  49. flexin a little with 4 12's
  50. I like it..
  51. 155.4 db's????
  52. I has flex
  53. video: bravox edx 12 in 5 cubes LOL
  54. couple vids froma show yesterday
  55. quick shirt trick
  56. Stock cadillac vid.
  57. SA12s on 3k getting down
  58. fosg8freak quick flex vid
  59. The BEST SBN 2012 Footage....Twisted's Thread :)
  60. quick vid of fosg8's new system *rearview mirror/roof flex*
  61. My Sa-12s first video!!
  62. My gfs new setup
  63. Engine destruction!
  64. DAD KMH 8" Subwoofer PORN! "White Noise" Lifted F-250 TRUCKIN Certified!
  65. Snow removal 101
  66. SSA ZCON 18 Reaction VIdeo!
  67. This made me smile :)
  68. Twisted's New Build! + Cruisers Show Footage!
  69. Crescendo VS. Selenium!!!! Pro Audio Showdown!
  70. NEO underhung 18s on 125wrms ea.
  71. 12 FI BTL N3 15's RAPE ME on 50,000 WATTS!
  72. The unOfficial AA SMD 18 video?
  73. New Family Member: 12 FI BTL N3 15's-Fi Audio Mafia
  74. Shoutout to a basshead! 2 TC Sounds 8's in a Ranger!
  75. Battery blows up in my face
  76. The ceiling fan really has come down before
  77. I lied. I'm sorry. I'm only tuned to 6.6Hz. ROTATING ceiling fan roof flex :D
  78. I am tuned to FIVE hurtz, thanks. 5.24Hz port trick
  79. Berry doin 2Hz and even 1Hz
  80. Keep Groovin'
  81. That wasn't hard enough for you? How about +16dB boost at 250Hz 120 bandwidth?
  82. Just goating around!
  83. Is it OK to enjoy the subsonics in music?
  84. 25 to Life
  85. 5 Sundown 4500s on 10 PSI 18s
  86. KW is alive going to wake my mommy up and tell her so excited
  87. OH, you want hard hitting teeth buzzing chest smashing high thumping bass?
  88. HUGE SHOW! Turkey Drag 2011-Tyler,TX
  89. Win my gear contest nobody else in the world can do this
  90. Bassotronics ripped my ceiling fan and false ceiling down caught on camera
  91. I tried
  92. vids of my HDC318's
  93. $600 Ballin On A Budget Build- Vid
  94. Twisted's Bass Battles Finals Vids-GREAT SHOW!
  95. Y'all knew it was coming, lol!
  96. mag 12
  97. (8)8"subs doing really nothing
  98. Infinity Kappa Perfect 12.1d
  99. 8 Skar VVx-12's Demo, Gettin LOUD!! little flex vid of 8 Skar VVx 12's
  100. Demo car MTX Audio "Feel The A Thunder"
  101. Narly demo
  102. A Little Woofer Porn
  103. a couple 10s.. and 2 4500s..
  104. Bass
  105. Love For Money
  106. 3Peat
  107. Put On your HT cant touch this
  108. Cool vid of a Boston G510 and GTR PR in action -no audio, tho... :(
  109. Twisted's EPIC Usaci World Finals Vids/Pics
  110. Bass in the mountains
  111. lost trapped in a maze therefore I am amazin.AVI(
  112. i search but never find hurt but never cry i seen night full of pain days of the same
  113. ice in my veins hate in my heart blood on my mind.
  114. more on the rattle rattle on low successful 4 18'd 1000 cubic feet 5Hz tune 5000 RMS.
  115. successful 4 18'd 1000 cubic feet 5Hz tune 5000 RMS
  116. 34hz
  117. Vid of me blowing a center channel w/ ~700wRMS
  118. D 12s excursion!
  119. blowing up a small sub
  120. Twisted Bass Demo's and FLEX at "Sparks on the Water" in Coffee City,TX
  121. lol oh what was i thinking back then.
  122. 3Hz for 3 minutes
  123. youre just mad cuz u cant do this.
  124. 7Hz for 7minutes over 100dB
  125. Flexing on the beach!
  126. 4 Girls+2 Bass Cars=Quadruple Hairtricks!!!! Team HZ Addiction
  127. Granny Loves BASS! Basshead Granny Gets Demo's from Team HZ Addiction!!!!!
  128. Warning Epic Bass
  129. TRON lol
  130. The New Daughter
  131. F'in Irene!
  132. floating a receipt with my 12s
  133. Two 7hz sine wave vids rockin the ceiling
  134. Vids From Ridn
  135. Dirty
  136. Bass Hairtrick,Demo,and Shirt Trick
  137. you might not like me but..
  138. Clamping a SounDigital SD16KD
  139. Da Low Low's ITT
  140. pegging 122dB with Stained "Outside" with just the front stage
  141. 250 amp welder + 12" Subwoofer = The W7 8" is BACK! New Family Member coming SOON!
  142. I finally made 150+ sealed
  143. alpine type r 12's custom box vid
  144. new and improved front stage
  145. A little hair trick from this weekends show
  146. DAD Subwoofer EXCURSION and FLEX ON 8,000 WATTS!!!!!!! Bass Ballin
  147. he is flexing my roof 6 feet away
  148. my first 140db
  149. TIRE FLEX on Half Power!!!!! NASTY LOWS!!!!!!!
  150. major rumble
  151. Street Motivated Devestation
  152. Sundown NeoPro 8" VS. Selenium 6W4P VS. Powerbass 4XL!!!!!!! Pro Audio Showdown!!!!!!
  153. Demo of the 18 and new Camera!
  154. AA SMD 18 #37, anyone like slow mo?
  155. Vid from my comp today
  156. So we have a lady in the game?
  157. I have never seen glass move like this
  158. Shed flex!!!
  159. Random flex and woofer porn
  160. Side Effects of EXTREME BASS with DR.Sweet T!ts
  161. Demo Fail
  162. Recone is done
  163. Just a vid of the set up
  164. The VAN is the ROOM in REW: Room Eq Wizard!
  165. me in the box during a 60Hz blast, gangsters walk right in garage VIDS
  166. perfect_prefect is one cool dude! 'cept for almost getting me to break my stuff
  167. My Trip to Pro Box's Warehouse
  168. 12 15s--20 XS Power 16v Batts--60,000 Watts--1 Astrovan --Team HZ Addiction BBQ PT.1
  169. Boat Stereo? Boat FLEX? 350 Fuel Injected Engine? Winter's 24' Chaparal Sunesta 233!
  170. A Look Inside DAD Audio Headquarters! + The Owner Gets a DEMO!!!!!!
  171. A RHINO LINED CAR!!!!!! CRAZY Nissan Maxima! lol
  172. DC 8's VS. Rockford 1000BD-Wife's Sub Excursion
  173. The BEST Video Camera for CAR AUDIO!!!!!!!
  174. Truly Awesome Show Footage!-Chucky's Connection-Longview,TX
  175. Sickest set-up ever!!!!!!!!! Nasty mustang!!!!!! Clean install!!!!!!!!!
  176. Audio Technix Deadener- First EVER install! Good stuff!
  177. DEMO with DR.SUBWOOFER !!!!!!!! EPIC!!!!!!!!!
  178. Episode 1: Mitch's Car Audio Shop
  179. Big Daddy Series 12's are in and BANGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
  180. lincoln mark viii 4 12" subs
  181. my girlfriend turned the ib3s inside out with too much power!
  182. Tha Path 23
  183. 21Hz sine wave window flex
  184. requested system update vid and db audio latest 25hz 30hz track
  185. can I hit the highs loud though haters will hate thanks for the support
  186. New Family Member: New Woofas
  187. so you can make your windows flex more than mine with a pair of 10's? At 18Hz?
  188. put on
  189. remake in the dark engine reved good window flex
  190. four inches plus of window flex camera refresh rate kills it willi the kid love for m
  191. Distance Test and Flex! ....the usual...lol
  192. Tha Path 22
  193. da introduction thuggish ruggish bone
  194. LooseCannon48 check him out
  195. BASS FLEX.....A In-Depth Look and How-To-Film
  196. Excuse me while i light my spliff!
  197. BASS Snow Removal!!!! A Bass-alanche with 4 SA-12's!
  198. My New Setup!
  199. SA-12's going BOOM like so.....
  200. Goodbye Chuck's! Hello Temporary Sundowns! lol
  201. causing some comotion over on SSA
  202. VIDEO forgot to turn the HP back up on my midbass last nite
  203. [nsfw]subwoofer sex machine
  204. Come Kick it with Team HZ Addiction!!
  205. Some nice flex vids for you guys. 2 18" HeavyWeights and a SD16KD
  206. 154.4 @ 25hz+ 2x Hairtricks in a Mustang!
  207. 16 SA-8's and 24 SA-15's Update! Team HZ Addiction
  208. AQ 18 fun & flex
  209. Hood Demo's with the Chuck's!
  210. The Chuck's are in FTW!
  211. my bass edits
  212. 4 18s gettin lowwwww
  213. DSLR HD Demo Video! (Real Life FLEX)
  214. various: music and sound FX
  215. Sundown Adultery? lol
  216. Jim Jones ft. Hell Rell - Pour Wax
  217. "The Journey of a BASSHEAD" A Retospective
  218. A lil DD 1508 action!
  219. Alpine Type R's in the Room.
  220. Shipping off the PSI/TC Sounds LMS Ultra 5400!
  221. My Promises to you for 2011!
  222. My AQ 18 on 2k
  223. Marilyn Manson Cryptorchid pipe organ depths
  224. Fi Q 15 moving box
  225. challenged without termlabs spl (DB)
  226. Twisted Boy Swag-Good Bass!
  227. Homeless man gets lunch, cigarette a ride, and a demo
  228. Security light trick
  229. Single Orion HCCA @ 34hz, MTX TA92001 1 ohm 145.6 on music
  230. 20 Sundown SA-15's-Team HZ Addiction Anthony
  231. Light Hairtrick with 1 18" and some Wattz!
  232. 7K watt hair trrick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  233. videos breaking in four IB3 18's after recones
  234. Got Bassssss Pt.1
  235. Another Great Show! Vids inside of course....
  236. Ghettoblaster BASS! Tasty!
  237. Termlab #'s- PSI TC Sounds Hybrid 18"+Khaotik Enclosure+Lanzar Opti6000D
  238. Kid's first time seeing window flex! lol
  239. BEST SHOW EVER!!! Videos Inside!!!!!!
  240. Made In China!!!
  241. New Family Member:Superb Bass Edition
  242. Superb Show Footage ITT!
  243. Knocking Dust off the old RD.....While PSI is making Love to the TC!
  244. 1 AQ 18'' HDC3 on a AQ 2200D got a little flex
  245. Twisted's Usaci Finals 2010 Vids/pics
  246. Halloween smoke port tricks
  247. First Demo Victim of the LMS Ultra!
  248. My new amp arrived!
  249. Deuces! Shipping my Sundowns off! :(
  250. x1 10" G5 on 700wrms