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RE Audio Sx15.10

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Added by: ROE Master Admin, 08-11-2005
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addiction2bass' two 15 SX custom DVC 4 ohm in a in a 8 cu. ft. ported enclosure tuned to 35Hz, powered by a Orion 2500D. He's playing a sweep and Mike Jones.

my new RE SX 15s custom 4ohm voice coils. amplifier is still set low until i can get a 2nd battery! on some bass notes voltage still dips around 11volts which i dont want even close to! already fried 2 of these amps with these SXs.LOL

05-02-2014, 09:58 PM

Awesome you still have my old vid.. Had 4 opt1532d's powered by 2 opti750x2's in my grand Cherokee. Wild ride. Really miss those days.


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