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mackgeezy 01-26-2008 08:35 PM

help me choose a battery
I have a 1998 mercury mystique Gs . I am currently doing the big three with 0/1 gauge wire. I am also looking into getting a new battery. so after some looking heres what i am looking at , looking for the biggest ( yet decent priced ) battery that i can fit in my engine bay. so if you could help me out i have have room for something as big as

from left to right 11.5
from top to bottom 8.0
from front to back 8.0

so which Kinetik can fit in that space
2400 ( dont think that will fit )

also what other battery , that is in my price range fit in the engine bay

also are kenetik's good for car batterys or just as secondary batterys?

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