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Beckerson1 07-22-2015 11:32 PM

Custom battery terminals, and other custom work
I'm currently in the planning stages for some custom battery terminals and a custom front distrobution hub. Both of which need to be fused (I have a ton of mini ANL fuses in which I can pair two 150A for 300a max). I'm at this point and time looking for a reliable source (Talked with NRG a while ago and at that time he was transitioning, toolmaker always seems to get back with me at first. Then never gets back with me after, not necessarily this project itself) to do the different pieces or if you know of a reliable fab shop that could do the work as well.

The battery terminals (positive side) won't be a big issue, as all that needs done is a typical terminal that toolmaker or NRG made but split so a couple fuses can be placed inline. The front hub is where things get creative. The idea is a junction that will connect the front battery (to hard to get to due to location or relocated battery, the main hub will be the cut off power source so the car can be made safe in case of electrical work, ect. And the main wire run (2 positive 2/0 runs and 2 x negative 2/0 runs) to connect to the rear battery. All positive runs will be fused on each end to make these runs safe.

The hub will in many cases be mated to some polycarbonate as the separation between the positive side and negative side (probably mounted positive on top and negative on the bottom) and then hopefully be encased in some sort of custom box (3d printed would be sweet depending if it could handle engine bay temps). I don't have any 3d renditions atm for this as I'm in the planning stages but would like to get a source sorted out quite early here

Beckerson1 07-24-2015 12:22 AM

Re: Custom battery terminals, and other custom work
Just need some advice on this distrobution layout for my front hub. This is the positive side of the hub itself.

The only thing different other then what's shown is I'm forgoing the 12v+ acc and doing two 2/0 runs from front battery. Also relocating fuse panel 12v+ to alt input node for safety reasons.

Reason for this layout is for ease of removing electrical hazard from the vehicle, safety, and convenience. The font battery will be mounted in a way that won't be easy to get to. Plus this will allow for all 12v connections to be fused and retain the original alt + to fuse panel hard connection just in case battery's should become disconnected.

What do you guys think?

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