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Mofo15beastmode 11-30-2015 10:59 PM

Elevation audio amp help
Okay so I have to elevation audio amps one is a 1000 watt one is a 2000 watt everything was all good and then ended up having an issue with one of the amps come to find out one of my speakers was blown so I went and got a 2000 watt version of the same amp everything was good couple weeks later I got rear ended and something happened where the aunt lost sound but stayed on with green light for power took it to a guy he fix the 1000 everything was good with that and then a little bit of time went by while he was messing with the 2000 and I've brought the 1000 told to have a look at that again to see what happened and see what was going on with the 2000 told me that all the 1000 ended up having the same issue as the 2000 and it was a 14 pin ic chip he showed me which ones they were couple weeks go by gives me cause me give me a price and the price was really high and I wasn't going to pay that much so now here I am with the amps and trying to figure out what the pieces are so that way there I can buy them myself and do it because they only push in the position so I'm hoping that maybe somebody on here can help me out with this would be greatly appreciated there are no numbers cuz the guys scratch them off on me I assume because I don't see any numbers Noisia scratch marks

KickinBlazer 11-30-2015 11:37 PM

Re: Elevation audio amp help
All you can do is send it to another amp repair company and see what he charges ....if it's supper high then start looking for better amps

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