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massiveaudio 09-17-2012 03:32 PM

Massive Audio New Website
Massive Audio Inc. is pleased to announce its newly redesigned 2012 company website Massive Audio Homepage » Massive Audio

Massive Audio has been growing for over 13 years and has reached a level where it’s now time to be heard and seen in a new light. So click away!

“The new 2012 website is based more on functionality than flashy graphics. We have added around 40% more products to our line this year so it made sense to build an advanced backend to focus on displaying each product properly. We are definitely pleased with the results.” Said Jeremy Larsson, Operations Manager of Massive Audio Inc.

Here is what Mr. Billy Wayko, owner of Audio 2000 in Tucson AZ and former winner of Mobile Electronics Installer of the Year said about the new Massive Audio website.

“This site explodes with well displayed product pictures, product specifications and my must have ‘product manuals!’ Also if you’re a direct dealer they will post your stores information in their new nation dealer finder Free”.

Other additions include a more interactive forum and media pages for consumers and competitors to show off their systems and talk about anything Massive!

Please take a moment to check out our new cyber land today!

Massive Audio Homepage » Massive Audio

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