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njaykaplan 02-14-2008 07:18 AM

V-Day Only - Stetsom Cheap 500+ Shipping
Well, Going up to Northern Fla today and STILL have not fixed my suspension. If you've located inbetween Palm Beach County and Jacksonville/Orange Park, which is basically all of eastern florida, PM me if you have cash and are interested.. Short on money to both pay for weekend with girlfriend, and pay car insurance, so for today only will sell for 150 less than listing price on both this forum and Will NOT be shipped until possibly monday, unless your located in Florida as i said, which we can meet up. If really necessary, i can have the amplifier shipped on Saturday, although i would not advice it because i will be in jacksonville and i would prefer to pack it myself, and give pictures of packing job :thumbsup:. Few batches of pictures listed at
Also, as to amplifier condition, was used for under a week just to test, and 2 mounting scratches which are from where you'd normally screw it down, as i only had 2 pieces of rubber to keep it from touching. Guaranteed non-DOA, cell phone listed in thread (561-313-2911 - Text Message :thumbsup: ). Once again, this is today only, so if this sinks to the bottom then i'll pimp myself out to make the extra car insurance money. :wink:

Edit: I just realized in the whole thread, I didnt list the model.. I had this baby up for sale for at least a month now, so should be pretty obvious i'm selling a 2k6D and not a 7kD. Retail on the 2k6D is still over 1000, although thats the price you'd pay from a dealer.

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