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03-20-2016 10:32 AM
Re: Build Log V2 (06' Si)

I decided to replace my IM gasket to a Hondata unit and in the process I failed to read the instructions and bent two studs. Not a massive problem though. Gave me a chance to do some things I've been putting off. One of these was doing a coolant bypass from the TB, replacing the stock metal IM gasket, and even painting the Valve cover, and IM.

Now I didn't take any pictures of the IM while painting it but used VHT Flat Black header paint (ya I know way over kill but its what I had). Taped off all mating surfaces, and plugged the injector holes. I applied 3 coats to the IM itself. Came out really nice. I will get some pictures of everything on the car itself.

Now it was time to get the valve cover off and done. In the process of taking the cover off I just did a simple check of all the components (except the spark plugs as they are basically brand new). All seals are pliable and have no visible sings of ware/cracking and the coil packs look really good as well. General inspection of the valves, cam lobs, etc... look great as well.

Anyway onto some pictures of the valve cover:

Main reasons for re-painting. There were only a few places the stock paint started to peel and some corrosion as well:

Back part:

Applied some paint stripper to help soften the paint:

Now at this point I stripped what paint I could with a wire wheel and the applied primer. Turned out like crap so I restarted and had my cousin sand blast the valve cover for me. Made worlds of difference.

I then used some SEM High build primer ( as there were very small amounts of paint still on the piece). Did 3 coats of that with some light sanding in between to help shape some of the worst areas. I then used some SEM Self etching primer to help fill any small voids. I then applied the VHT paint:

These pictures look gray but in real life its definitely flat black:

Also painted the plastic spark plug wiring cover as well. Used VHT Chevy Red for this (matches the IM cover).

Overall it turned out great. Just wish I had the space and time to tare the entire engine/trans out and do a complete repaint of the engine bay and paint the block, any accessories, etc...

Oh also repainted (just used VHT engine enamel primer and on top of that I used VHT engine enamel clear coat as well) the upper radiator mount as I had to remove that to get the IM out. Doesn't match the stock color but no one will ever see it other than those who work on the car and I'm not worried about it.
02-15-2016 04:40 PM
Re: Build Log V2 (06' Si)

OK here are some pictures including some pictures of the A pillars. If your wondering what color I'm using it is Plasti-Dips Black Cherry. I had some issues with some leaking noise out of the passenger side and to remedy this I used pipe thread tape to help seal the threads. There is a slight noise I get but for the most part unless you on top of the driver you can't hear it. Most likely some wires behind the pod inside the door. I'm not to concerned with it. I will eventually get in there and see about securing any wires.

Now I'm sure your curious what I used for the grills. Well I had purchased some of the new speaker grill cloth sold by Parts Express:

Mellotone Premioum Black
Part# 260-332

This fabric is double the thickness of the other speaker cloth they offer. Also is double sided so you have the option to choose a slightly less course or more course looking end result. Jay really like this stuff as the glue he used to adhere it to the metal grill didn't bleed through.

The main speaker grill is held on by 4 magnets in each corner. So far they hold when shutting the door which is good. For the most part these will be on 99 percent of the time but I did have Jay make them removable for those demo's where I'd like to show off the TM6.5's

Now this piece is made out of some wood to give its shape. The main purpose of this piece is to hide the bolts and hard mounting points that hold the beauty panel onto the door securely. Used the same grill cloth to match the speaker grill. These originally were held on by magnets but would fall off if you slammed the door to hard. So no we have them held on by Velcro.

Here is the passenger side:

Driver side:

Alright onto the A pillars. These were quite interesting to watch as Jay would visualize quite a few things and then see him bring that into the 3D realm was really cool. Classic teardrop shape with the small transducer that comes with the RAM3A mounted in the lower left hand corner. The grill uses the same cloth to match the doors and the metal grill was slightly different then what Jay used in the doors itself. Came out great. Yes the grill is removable, its pressure fit. Most cases I will not remove the grill.

Here is a better shot of the control panel. I will talk more about how this was built when I post some of the build pictures of this piece. Now if your familiar with the 360.3 remote you know the leds are bright. With the angle and the pocket in front of this board most of the light is contained and isn't annoying at all. Turned out great:

Also we integrated the stock AUX plug that comes with the car standard. I had purchased a .3 meter 90 degree to straight 3.5mm AUX cable male to male. We ended up using the 90 degree portion for this. What Jay did was tap into the stock harness (main). Brown wire was the shield (sense for the stock system) and there were two other colors (red and ....) he tapped for the L and R signal.

Now I don't really ever use AUX but for tuning purposes. If the L and R are swapped it won't be hard to reverse as I use RCA to 3.5 for tuning.
02-14-2016 02:32 PM
Re: Build Log V2 (06' Si)


It's done but yet its not done. Heck I'm just getting started with tuning:

Stereo Integrity TM6.5. Yes you are correct. Ye eyes do not deceive you. That is a port beside that speaker. Tuning is .3 cuft after port displacement as well as speaker displacement. Its tuning is somewhere between 55-57 HZ. We were shooting for 56Hz

Nicknamed the shark

Now thats pretty:

Not very intrusive into the cabin. Looks very good against the door. Jay did a wonderful job blending in this piece.

This is only a small portion of the build. I am working with Jay right now to build a solid posting which will have the correct information so we can keep questions down for both Jay and I. Please be patient with me on this.
02-09-2016 05:58 PM
Re: Build Log V2 (06' Si)

Major update

Here is the fruit of our labor. Isn't she a beauty?

We did a ton of testing, hence why it's taken so long, and this is what we've come up with. We've found out that the stock grill was very restricted as far as the FR of the speakers. Removing it helped out a ton with the midrange. Especially in the 700 to 1k range I've been having issues with.

Then we decided to get rid of the pocket as it would rattle against the door itself and since I don't use it. The hell with it. Jay is making some custom covers for the open area so at least it looks presentable.

I'm supper stoked about this and I hope this has gone beyond your expectations. Can't wait to get the A pillars put in Saturday and get to tuning.

Is this a tease? Idk you tell me. :surprised:
02-08-2016 12:54 PM
Re: Build Log V2 (06' Si)

Teaser Update:

We tried to get done this past weekend with the build but time just wasn't on Jay's side. Pulled an all nighter Saturday into Sunday morning but had probably a good 7-9 hours of work left and I about guarantee mistakes would have been made. Plus he was running out of body filler. So we decided to give it another week and he will be driving down this coming Saturday to get the items installed. Yes we're talking more then just the A pillars. Hence the amount of time needed here.

Just starting to get through the 200+ photos so here are a couple teaser shots to keep those curious happy.

Working on getting the baffle for the A pillar cut out:

Now the final build progress I will make a new thread for. Also it will be only a portion of the pictures as I plan to make a scrapbook of the entire progression from start to finish. I plan to bring this to Jason's meet this April for those who want to view the build in its entirety. I know everyone is curious. Be patient and hopefully by next Sunday or so I should have a few parts I can post up.
01-26-2016 11:36 PM
Re: Build Log V2 (06' Si)


Due to some technical difficulties the car isn't 100% done as of yet. Had some issues with the glass not wanting to dry and just plain time in general. I do have some Finished pictures to satisfy those curious. Once I'm able to grab the multitude of pictures from Jay I will post up more build pictures.

Voltmeter Dash Mod:

As of now these both read the voltage of the HU power run which is a dedicated run from the rear for both 12V+ and Ground. In the future one will read front battery voltage and the other will continue to read the rear voltage.

Pioneer AVH4100NEX:

You may notice there isn't a trim ring. That was due to me forgetting to send it along with the HU. Today I tried to put it on but need to trim the lower and upper section of the trim so it will clear the face. It just won't fit as of yet. What you don't see is I also had a PAC steering wheel control unit added as well. Its nice having control again without taking my hands off the wheel.

Dash switch board:

You will notice a key'd switch in which is used to disable the remote turn on for the HU (via two relays) and also will disable all switches on the board so nothing will work for cases I drop my car off at shops. This would prevent them from messing with the system without taking things apart.

Two of the Four switches are utilized atm. Each switch controls a single voltmeter. Plans for the other switches are up in the air but I'm looking at utilizing one of them as a LED switch (RGB leds in the foot wells, rear seats, trunk). The fourth one is a optional one. Also it wouldn't be hard to add more if need be.

The RF 360.3 controller is mounted on a angle facing towards the center of the car. So far this orientation really diminishes the brightness of this unit (for those who have used the 360.3 unit they know how obnoxious this is).

The material used is 1/2 to 3/4 PVC. It turned out absolutely amazing and I have a couple cool ideas for paint that would look great.

I won't say much about the final look of the A pillars but I really LOVE the direction Jay is taking them. Going to look epic. Then there is the surprise. Main reason its taking so long. Once I drop what it is people will understand why.
01-23-2016 11:12 AM
Re: Build Log V2 (06' Si)

Sure are.
01-23-2016 09:20 AM
Re: Build Log V2 (06' Si)

Damn sexy asssss cars!!
01-22-2016 04:17 PM
Re: Build Log V2 (06' Si)

Here are some more pictures from the Auto show:

I will tell this about CTS-V you can't tell how BIG the car once your inside. Its quite spacious. Absolutely lovely car.
01-18-2016 03:04 PM
Re: Build Log V2 (06' Si)

Small update.

Got the car dropped off with Jay (JayinMI off DIYMA) and had a lot of fun talking with both he and his girlfriend. Both awesome individuals. Absolutely can't wait to see what he come up with for the final design.

I also had a amazing g time at the International Auto show in Detroit and am still drying the drool off my mouth.

I took quite a few photos with my phone and here are just a few

I will post up more once I have time. Also the amount of dust on these cars was sad.
01-09-2016 10:35 AM
Re: Build Log V2 (06' Si)

Just a week away till I drop off the car at Jay's and he does his magic. I've been putting off doing driver orientation for the Ram3a's for a while now and the time for procrastination is over.

So lets start off with the REW results ( Added 1/6 Smoothing for ease of seeing the general curve. Ran sweeps from 80hz to 20kHz with crossovers set for 250hz+ ) :

Each time I ran 4 sweeps total with the mic near middle of head facing forward. Not much averaging going on for this as I'm more interested in what my ears hear vs going strictly by the graph.

Brief description of what I heard:

Purple (Driver side mid facing passenger side O crap handle and Passenger mid facing driver side O crap handle)

Width seemed to lack a little bit with this setup. Vocalists seemed to be more centered between the speakers vs others. Low midrange (granted this will improve with a enclosure) lacked more umph then the other variations.

Greenish Orange (Drivers facing towards Rear map light/Ear height for the focal point)

Width improved vs the O crap option. Seemed to extend more towards the rear facing mirrors. Vocalist pulled more towards the driver side but not as bad as the drivers facing driver option. Low midrange much improved and gave a fair amount of punch even so being free air. Also you will see this option seemed to remedy the dip in the 600hz to 900hz range. I assume I had cancelation going on with the drivers facing driver option?

Black (Drivers Facing Driver)

Width was very similar to the one above. Seemed to extend more towards the rear facing mirrors vs what seemed to be more limited to A pillar to A pillar with the O crap Option. Vocalist pulled even more towards the driver side mid. As said above there is more of a dip around 600hz to 900hz. You upper end was slightly more noticeable vs the option above BUT both were very similar.

Overall I seemed to like the Drivers facing Rear map light/Ear height option the best.

Now of course the finished product with have the same orientation but the drivers will be pushed back as much as possible and as close to the A Pillars as possible.

Once I figured out the orientation I wanted I just wanted to do a quick test run (added some delay to the driver side mid) and reintroduced the Anarchy's set to play from 50hz to 250hz. I will tell you this. Talk about sweet zone. I can't wait to listen to everything once its in and get to tuning. Already can tell you its a but load better then what I have already.
12-09-2015 01:05 PM
Re: Build Log V2 (06' Si)

Originally Posted by southerntrendkill View Post
Yea I believe it's the pink wire been a while so not 100 on that but yea
It's green now. So they must have changed it.
12-08-2015 02:55 PM
Re: Build Log V2 (06' Si)

Yea I believe it's the pink wire been a while so not 100 on that but yea
12-08-2015 11:50 AM
Re: Build Log V2 (06' Si)

no I didn't. Oh well
12-07-2015 04:42 PM
Re: Build Log V2 (06' Si)

Did you know you don't need to buy the buypass piece all you have to do is ground the one wire from the harness and bam plays while driving
12-07-2015 02:50 PM
Re: Build Log V2 (06' Si)

Originally Posted by southerntrendkill View Post
What did that hi set u back beck
Right around 630 for the HU, PAC unit, and the bypass piece to bypass the need to tap into the parking brake.
12-07-2015 02:41 PM
Re: Build Log V2 (06' Si)

What did that hi set u back beck
12-07-2015 12:06 PM
Re: Build Log V2 (06' Si)


The HU, and PAC unit came in today. Here are some pictures before they go into storage till installation. I was hoping to edit these on the new computer screen but it hasn't arrived as of yet.

Here is what comes in the box:

Closer shot of the HU:

PAC unit:


Rear of the HU:

12-03-2015 03:37 PM
Re: Build Log V2 (06' Si)


Well been doing some calculations and talking with Jay about all the work planed for the car. I'm fortunate enough to be able to get some extra things done that I wasn't initially planning on having done this time around.

Custom A pillars
New Pioneer DD unit with steering wheel controls added. Ordered the hu

There is one more major thing but I will keep that secret. It's not hard to figure out what it is if you've followed this thread and I'm sure a lot of you will be intrigued by it. So stay tuned for more updates.

Also some non car audio updates. Currently seeking pc system guidance as I'm looking to build a dedicated photo editing rig. Ordered the monitor today as for now I will utilize my laptop. Also a copy of Paintshop Pro X8 Ultimate showed up today as well. Ordered some HDMI cable as well.
11-14-2015 03:11 PM
Re: Build Log V2 (06' Si)


Did up the radio dash piece and a couple accent pieces today. Turned out great.

Sorry for the fuzzies. This really attracts the cat hair and dust.
11-06-2015 05:55 PM
Re: Build Log V2 (06' Si)


Pictures of the MAG V3 12

Shot of the logo.

Shot of the tinsel leads. Sown into the spiders

Shot of the massive push terminals.

Shot of the sexy motor/frame combo

10-31-2015 03:05 PM
Re: Build Log V2 (06' Si)

Hey beck post me a pic or link on them subs I'd like to see that mag will ya
10-31-2015 02:34 PM
Re: Build Log V2 (06' Si)

Quick Update:

My Stereo Integrity TM65's came in today and can't wait to have these featured in my install. It will be some time but glad I had the funds and able to snag these. I also was able to get in on the last little bit of MAG v3 12" subs. Ordered 1 for a possible future install.
10-26-2015 12:30 PM
Re: Build Log V2 (06' Si)


After failing the first attempt on the trim plati dip. Love the ability to fix any mistakes. I was able to nail down the final product. Plus a random bug that decided to explore the wet plati dip.

I've decided that the Black Cherry look will work really well in my car. It's dark enough to blend in with the rest of the trim yet when the sun hits it the red pops.

Pictures will come. I've still got a few items to take care of first.
10-24-2015 07:46 PM
Re: Build Log V2 (06' Si)

nice look to the rims.

thanx for sharing
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