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tjamz 11-27-2012 02:56 PM

Massive Audio N4
As some of you know, Trafik Jamz recently became a dealer of Massive Audio. Our reasoning behind this was because we were looking for a "complete" speaker & amp line that could offer everything from entry level equipment all the way up to competition grade.

The one thing that really jumped out at us was the Nano Block and Nano Bit line of amplifiers due to their high power ratings and relatively tiny footprints.

The first thing we did when we received our N4 was pull the back off of it to take a look at the guts.

Not a bad looking piece of equipment, though I do see two open spots on the board for additional capacitors so I'm not sure if they left them off to save money or if the board was a dual purpose design that would allow them to build a more powerful amp on the same chassis or if there was some other reasoning behind it. At any rate, I am not an engineer so I left it alone.

Next I asked for documentation from Massive to determine if the N4's 2000 Watts RMS rating was legit or if they basically just threw a number at it to make it sell. They assured me that the number is legit and offered to send me the CEA 2006 test reports showing output @ 14.4 volts under a number of different scenarios:

I'm kind of impressed that they do rated power @ 1 ohm. Plenty of people will say "Yeah, but that's at 1%THD" but in reality, most people won't/can't hear 1% THD.... and many burp systems are intentionally set with upwards of 5% THD or more.

I still want to do a clamp test in my own vehicle to get a true representation, but I feel very confident in selling these amplifiers as being able to produce rated RMS power.

tjamz 11-27-2012 02:59 PM

Re: Massive Audio N4
We are currently working on a project that will incorporate 2 N4's along with a an NX4. Once that project is completed I will give my full analysis.

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