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SINTORMAN 04-07-2012 05:33 PM

Re: SSA Gcon photos

Originally Posted by Aaron Clinton (Post 900891)
We have never done a pre-order on our products, and don't plan to. We don't like taking money on our own products before they are actually ready to go, and we do not like destroying the value of the product before it has even started shipping, effectively shortening the life span of the product. With us, the price is the price, not a mega mark-up that needs to run high discounted sales all the time.

I don't fully agree with that comment. So you think the obsidian 18 pre order destroyed the value of the 18 and shortened the life span of that sub?


A pre order is a great way for a "smaller" company to take a big step without the huge risk normally involved. I am just saying if a company (like obsidian) didn't do a preorder on their 18s it wouldn't have happened. They would have had to wait a long time before they could have branched out to an 18.

Aaron Clinton 04-09-2012 06:54 AM

Re: SSA Gcon photos

Originally Posted by gammey4 (Post 901229)
:thumbsup: for being made in the USA. Any ideas when they are going to be available?

The aim is to have them going this month. :D

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