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Beckerson1 04-26-2014 12:49 PM

My painting adventure and then some(2006 Civic Si)
I'm doing quite a few re-fresh type things to my car to make things look much better. Also repairing a few things that need done.

First off I am repainting my trim in the engine bay is its gotten quite dull and faded. While going through Lowe's I found some Rustoleum Trim and bumper paint that I thought would look really good so I figured I would try some.

Sorry I didn't take any before pics but in a couple pics you can see what my cowl looks like and that's very similar to what my trim was looking like.

Here is a little low down as to what I did (no pics of steps, followed same routine for other paint projects later on in this post)

1) After removing the parts from the car I washed them off and made sure to use some de-greaser to get them really clean.
2) Once clean I made sure to scuff, with 320 grit sand paper, the smoother plastic so the primer could have a good hold onto the plastic.
3) After that I made sure to wash the part again.
4) Then once clean I started to lay down some primer (did 2 light coats along with 1 light/med coat). The primer I used was VHT Engine Enamel light gray. For the base coat I used, as stated above, Rustoleum trim and bumper paint (2 light followed by 1 light/med), and I also added a clear coat for protection as well. I used VHT Engine Enamel Gloss Clear

Here is what I'm talking about with my cowl:

Here are some shots of my plastic trim. As you can see I also did my intake manifold cover as well. Stock color is color matched to the car. I was ready for a different look and came across this color on 8th Civic and thought it would look really nice. I used VHT Rocket Red High Temp Engine & Drivetrain coating for the base coat. Also has clear on it. The Hondata sticker is under the clear coat as well:

Beckerson1 04-26-2014 01:09 PM

Re: My painting adventure and then some(2006 Civic Si)
Since it has warmed up a lot and the lowly winter is moving out of here I have time to finish up (well not really to buttoned up yet) my garage stereo setup. Here is the run down of equipment:

Power Supply:

Progressive RC P350 (iirc) outputs 20A constant/25 Burst

Source unit:

Pioneer DEHX3500UI

EQ unit:

Cadence CEQ773


PPi900.4 (functional, will get repaired soon. Hope to call this week and get quotes for the repairs


Jensen Marine AN150SR


Parts Express Dayton Audio BR-1 (built those a year or so ago)

I do plan on better securing the HU and EQ/Driver unit but atm it will sit next to the speaker.

arcwcb 04-26-2014 05:33 PM

Re: My painting adventure and then some(2006 Civic Si)
Let me know how that holds up, I might try doing that on my Audi

Beckerson1 04-27-2014 11:42 AM

Re: My painting adventure and then some(2006 Civic Si)
Will do. From what I read when done right (properly cleaning the surface, scuffing any smooth surface and proper application) things will hold up quite well.

Even guys who didn't use high temp paint have had good success. Even though the pieces are plastic there isn't any cracking due to flex.

Beckerson1 05-16-2014 05:44 PM

Re: My painting adventure and then some(2006 Civic Si)

Here is what I have planned to paint tomorrow.

1) Center part of my cowl is painted. Still need to paint the end caps and do a clear coat on all. Repairing a couple broken pieces atm.

2) Prep and repaint wiper arms and see about fixing a pressure issue I am having on my passenger side. CHH says its possibly the tension spring but from what I can tell I think its more the corrosion on the hinge point.

3) Prep and paint calipers and look at painting rear rotors as well.

Once this is all done it looks like its time for my bros car lol

No my interior is in need of a complete DEEP cleaning and some TLC. May or may not get to it this weekend. Depends on how long it takes to paint. Many cases it will be next (probably Sunday)

97_eldo 05-17-2014 06:47 AM

Re: My painting adventure and then some(2006 Civic Si)
spring cleanup sux.
have fun and keep posing the pics :)

Beckerson1 05-17-2014 07:36 AM

Re: My painting adventure and then some(2006 Civic Si)

Originally Posted by 97_eldo (Post 944860)
spring cleanup sux.
have fun and keep posing the pics :)

Ya it's been fun though. At least the painting part of it.

Ya had to fix quite a few things though. Got the car paid off and many people know what happens then :)

Roadkill tried to rip off some of my under body plastic. Luckily I had some clips to repair the piece

Got an upgraded CMC as the stock one is crap. Hope to get that put in here in a couple weeks or so.

So needless to say the repairs keep on coming, but I'm wanting to turn her into a show car (nothing extravagant) so I'm doing what I can now to make sure she makes it to that point.

I will make sure I get pics done up. Got Primer laid down now so shouldn't be to long and pics will be up.

Beckerson1 05-17-2014 10:23 AM

Re: My painting adventure and then some(2006 Civic Si)
Sorry for the crappy pics. Didn't have a setting right on the camera and had to heavily edit these to get them visible enough... I will get some better pics when I have them on the car and better light.

Some of these I may have to repaint sections as I have a feeling I missed some spots. Especially on the wiper arms. One thing about this Bumper and Trim paint is it goes on heavy and sometimes you can't see the misses until things dry/clear gets added.

Unfortunately I won't get to the rotors or calipers today as its a little cool. Would like to try and keep the temps above 70. Plus the yard is in need of a mow

Beckerson1 05-20-2014 04:24 PM

Re: My painting adventure and then some(2006 Civic Si)
Here are some better pictures I took today. Yes I know in a couple pics you can tell I didn't mask off the rubber sections. I should have but luckily a few minutes, air pressure, and some skill it peels off easy and leaves a wonderful cutoff.

Overall a much better looking appearance then faded plastic. Still up on the to do list:

1) Valve cover (looking at red (same color as IM cover with black on the plastic accent piece))

2) Finish rotors/calipers

3) Finish updating the color on bumper

4) IM and TB

Then whatever else I can get my hands on really.

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